Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweet Suzy

Guest post by author, Jackie G. Williams

Three small children were running riot around the house, with four dogs of different sizes chasing after them.  I was chained to the kitchen sink peeling potatoes, trying to imagine a seaside retreat, where silence reined supreme.  When my husband walked in carrying a bundle under his arm.  I stopped what I was doing and looked at him.  He placed the bundle on the floor.

“Another one?” I asked.
My husband looked at me.  “Her owner didn't want her any more.  He'd had his fill of breeding from her.  If I didn't take her, he was giving her to the dog warden.”
I sighed, shook the wet off my hands and knelt down in front of the little dog.  Her eyes gazed up at me, moist and dewy looking.  I stroked her head.  She seemed a little overweight, but I could see it was from over breeding.  Suddenly, the children and our other dogs came pounding into the kitchen.  The children jumping on my back, laughing.  Then my four year boy piped up.  “What, another one?”  They gathered around our new edition, smoothing her and chattering away.  The little dog loved it.  She seemed to take to the children straight away.
“So, what's her name?”  I asked my husband.
He stared at me, a blank look on his face.  “I don't know love, I didn't ask.”
“Again?”  I said, this wasn't the first time he brought a dog home without a name.  “So it's guess the name time again is it?”  I smiled.  “Okay kids, our new dog doesn't have a name.”  I rolled my eyes.  “So we have to call out names and see which one she comes to.”
The children thought it great fun, even my husband got involved.  I left them to it and continued to make dinner.  After an hour of names we sat down and ate.  I gave the new addition a piece of meat off my plate.  “What is your name, old girl?”  I said.  “Then suddenly from nowhere, the name 'Suzy' slipped out of my mouth.  She started wagging her little tail.  “It's Suzy, her name is Suzy!”  I laughed.  From then on, she settled right in.
We often took the dogs in the car up to the moors for a run.  Suzy never needed a lead.  She would walk proud at the side of us.  She was never one for playing, like the other dogs, she prefered our company, but did love a tummy tickle.
One day our little dog Ginny, escaped the garden and came home 'pregnant'.  Oh no, more dogs I thought.  Luckily, she only had two.  While the puppies were suckling, if Ginny went to sleep, Suzy would gently take a pup and hide it in her bed.  Poor Ginny would be frantic looking for it.  But in the end, they shared care of the pups, it worked out quite well.  We found good homes for the two boy pups, but Ginny and Suzy, were unhappy for a few days after they left.

About three weeks later, I noticed that Suzy seemed to be putting on weight.  I rubbed her tummy.  I couldn't remember Suzy coming into heat?   My boy dogs didn't bother her.  What was happening?  I decided to wait and see.  When it was full term for the pups, Suzy went into labour.  I sat with her all night long.  She kept pushing, I kept watching and waiting.  Then about twelve hours later, Suzy gave birth to a ... blob!  Bless her, she missed the pups so much that she had a phantom pregnancy.  A week later, she was back to her usual self.  Her birthing days were over.  I was relieved, it seemed to me, that she had done more than her fair share of that.  

Suzy remained with us for seven years, we have no idea how old she was when she passed.  But while she was part of our family, we loved her, and she loved us back.  Sleep peaceful sweet Suzy.  xxx   


(Bio provided by Jackie G. Williams)

Jackie was influenced a lot by her father, when she was a child.

Her father told her stories with a moral, and of course ghost stories.
She loved the fear factor of the creepy tales, though they never did give her nightmares.
Today, she is a mother of three grown children, and six grand children and lives in Wales with her husband and menagerie of pets.
Her hobbies are reading, her animals, and art.  She finds drawing very relaxing.
To date, she has written quite a few books.  A Feast Of Horror, which is a complete book of horror stories and poetry. Road Kill, Gerald's Car, Wonder-feed and Geisha. Short stories.  Highest Hill, a novelette, and Yesterday's Children, a book of today poetry.  She has also been published in quite a few anthologies, including the Satan's Toybox three by Angelic Knight Press.
Jackie has a good sense of humour and likes to smile.
Her favourite saying: “‘If someone is without a smile, give them one of yours.’”

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Copyright 2012 Jackie G. Williams
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